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My Clients Say It Best

Testimonials: Testimonials

23rd Bath Scouts

I used Hugh to run a climbing session for Scouts in Portland during the summer of 23.  It was one of the activities we ran for the scouts during our annual camp and it was voted the best camp activity by the scouts.  Hugh ran a morning and afternoon session.  He and a fellow instructor ran 3 ropes of varying difficulties on the sea cliffs and helped the scouts navigate the difficult parts of each climb.  Hugh is a genuinely good guy - his calm voice and instructions helped the scouts behave and have a lot of fun.  Thank you Hugh

Serena, Intro to Climbing, Stanage Edge

As a brand-new climber, I can't believe how much I love climbing. There are so many aspects to it - being outside, the thinking and preparation for a climb, the actual climbing and all the ways you use your body to get up the climb and then the sense of peace you feel in your head. On top of that we got to be with our friends all weekend (a really wonderful, fun group = huge amount of laughing) and outside in glorious expansive scenery, in wonderful weather.

Our climbing was with Hugh who was so good, we have booked him again.

Hugh made the entire trip possible for us - his preparation, communication, tuition and above all his sense of humour! I can't recommend Hugh highly enough - all you have to do is just contact him, and get booked and sort your own accommodation.

Suz. Intro to climbing, Stanage Edge

Hugh provided a great introduction to rock climbing. Good communication in the run up to the weekend meant that we knew what to expect. His instruction at the climbing sites helped create a sense of calm focus and I felt reassured that we were in safe hands. The icing on the cake was the stunning location and having a lot of fun with a fantastic group of people. Thank you!

Sarah, Intro to climbing, Stanage Edge

Well what a great day of climbing under the watchful eye of Hugh. He was very thorough in explaining the process and gave us all a great foundation for climbing, not only for the day, but for life. The lesson in knot tying was invaluable. I look forward to the next lessons. Thank you.

Esther, 17 (Intro to Outdoor Climbing)

As a first-time climber, I was fortunate to have Hugh guiding me through the basics. In his instructing, I felt a perfect balance was struck between helping me when I needed it but also encouraging me to figure out parts of the climb for myself so that when I had completed it, I felt a true sense of accomplishment and achievement. 
Hugh also clearly communicated to me the safety checks required before I started climbing so that I felt not only reassured but also became better informed of the practices within the sport as a whole.
Overall my first time climbing with Hugh was a very enjoyable experience and I hope to develop my climbing ability in the future.

Diana (Intro to Outdoor Climbing)

I was a complete novice when Hugh took me climbing in Dorset. Although the clliffs looked  daunting and the crashing waves scary, Hugh's patience and calm were wonderfully reassuring, and he convinced me I could do it. He explained exactly what he was doing with the ropes, and instantly won my trust. And while climbing his voice gently but firmly pushed me to achieve more and more. It was a brilliant first day out, and I hope to go back for many more.

Isabel, aged 9, Family Intro to Outdoor Climbing

When I went climbing with Hugh it was very fun. I had never climbed outdoors before but Hugh made me feel really safe so I was fine with it.

Louisa, aged 9, Family Intro to Outdoor Climbing

It was very fun, and even though I hadn't climbed outside before I felt like I was doing it for ages. Hugh was kind and supportive and showed me how to belay :-) :-)

Hana, aged 12, Family Intro to Outdoor Climbing

When I went climbing with Hugh I had so  much fun and I learnt so much. I had been climbing indoors before and I cold already belay with a GriGri but Hugh helped me to improve my belaying and taught me how belay with an ATC. He also taught me how to tie a figure of eight knot (which is used to connect the rope to the harness). In addition to this, I felt safe at all times when climbing and it was a great experience. :-)

Nick, Hana, Louisa and Isabels's Dad

I had never climbed outdoors before and only a few times indoors. With Hugh I fet safe and encouraged. I achieved far more than I thought I was capable of. An amazing experience!

Yaz (Indoor Roped Climbing)

I had no idea when I took Hugh up on his suggestion of learning how to climb what I was letting myself in for. I had expected this to be a once a week endeavour at the very most. Nothing prepared me for the addictive buzz that would have me rearranging my schedule for almost daily sessions.
Hugh is a wonderful teacher. His knowledge, wisdom, passion and years of experience become apparent from the very first class. I knew I trusted him implicitly within twenty minutes. He is able to pinpoint technical mistakes immediately, and challenge me on psychological blocks. Problem solving difficult moves on the climb and recognizing fears as simply fears has been the most exhilarating and satisfying experience I have engaged in for a very long time.

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